Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer 2013 Day 19 : Missing you RPGamer Podcast

Oh well, at least it is only on a month hiatus since two of its hosts married each other some days ago, taking a month off. Pity it had to be this month with E3 going on right now, and the whole fracas with Microsoft and the XBox One... still waiting for Angry Joe's take on the latest from E3, and whether or not he holds his ire with Microsoft, or begins to succumb to the eye candy of game releases future shown at E3 so far. I didn't think much of the few minimal Microsoft exclusives by the way, but I am waiting to see what Angry Joe thought of Microsoft's E3 conference.

If I have a problem with RPGamer, it's that they spent alot of last episode before the June hiatus being apologists for Microsoft... but that was before Microsoft doubled down pre E3, so I am wondering if their opinions changed between last episode and the first new episode post E3. They should be back in Late June barring any special episode between now and Late June so stay tuned.

BTW, the only other cast I listen to gaming wise is Idle Thumbs, 4urinfo.

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