Monday, June 3, 2013

WIPR - InXile's The Bard`s Tale

Probably the biggest review on the Kindle Fire HD I am presently working on, it is also probably the most disappointing as well. Layered with a rather pretty coat of HD, The Bard's Tale is a pretty good port of the PS2 era The Bard's Tale game... the problem I'd that it is a port of the PS2 era The Bard's Tale game... wait a minute, wasn't there supposed to be extra in this tablet release? I have to shake this down a bit for that.

But the longest part of this I'd playing through the game for the review, which I s hindered by the control setup which features a rather fussy virtual analog stick that frustrates me so, in a game that should have utilized a touch screen control schematic akin to certain 3DS (and no doubt PSVita) games.

Don't get me wrong, I gave the PS2 era The Bard's Tale a good score, and this is a good game but... I have issues with this game. And ad I dig into it more I will post my notes on the coming review for you to check out... stay tuned.

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