Saturday, June 8, 2013

WIPR : GameLoft's Dungeon Hunter 4

After a bunch of less than ideal games I loaded up on from GameLoft I had no real faith in this one, in fact I knew of it for quite sometime, but only just got around to looking at... surprisingly it is rather fun. I still hate the whole virtual analog stick control thing, more and more games I am reviewing use it, but the game as a whole is satisfying enough to forgive my general dislike of the virtual analog stick.

Reminds me a bit of Dungeon Siege (top down button masher) and has a bit of character customization with weapons and armor with upgradable slots for ability gems you can scavenge from bad gear, combine and attach to New gear. The customization is awesome, btw, definite plus.

The world is quite full in single player (hopefully offline friendly), co-op gaming and player versus player zones offering up a nice selection of game options... and did I mention the possibility of a Mass Effect style lesbian relationship going on, since apparently my female character once bedded the queen... yeah, pretty sure the game thought I would pick a male character but don't rain on my parade.

So, more updates as I grind both this and Bard's Tale for full reviews coming soon. Stay tuned.

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