Monday, June 17, 2013

Tablet Reviews : Solar-Games' Dungeon Explorer

As far as dungeon crawlers go innovation on the android, be it smart phone or tablet, lived and died with Dungeon Defenders (the game now seemingly only available on the soon to be past gen consoles). Still, occasionally a game rises that catches your attention and this game... isn't it. But it does deliver a down and dirty solid no frills bade core dungeon crawler hat delivers the basics, and does it well.

Plus sides? Graphics are pretty, though only to an extent. The dungeons are pretty, but that isn't a hefty feat as its the same x amount of background repeating endlessly. Monsters are so so, and some look better than others... the rest is rather simplistic gameplay (travel from point A to B), with no bells and whistles... my only complaint, but that is also the appeal of the game. A straight forward simple dungeon crawler, easy to pick up and play with no muss and no fuss.

If you strive on hoarding treasures and items, taking on side quests left and right, shopping until you drop for the latest gear and leveling up like crazy dealing out skill points here and there... this isn't for you. It's a simple as check dungeon crawler, ideal for a bus ride or long trip, dealing out compact dungeon crawling with no muss or fuss. A decent simple 4 out of 5. Great for quick bursts of easy to pick up gaming, a slice of casual with your dungeons.

Next time I got a more intense homebrewed Indy dungeon crawler for you. Part Hero Quest classic board game, part old school RPG, all interesting and recommendable. Stay tuned.

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