Monday, June 17, 2013

Followers Wanted

Started a fresh search for work reviewing video games, comics and more... but I need your help! Looking for more followers to join, bringing up the page view count of the blog, hopefully catching the attention of editors I approach looking for hopefully paying work... if not now then in the near future. Any new readers and followers greatly appreciated, thank you.

Tablet Reviews : Solar-Games' Dungeon Explorer

As far as dungeon crawlers go innovation on the android, be it smart phone or tablet, lived and died with Dungeon Defenders (the game now seemingly only available on the soon to be past gen consoles). Still, occasionally a game rises that catches your attention and this game... isn't it. But it does deliver a down and dirty solid no frills bade core dungeon crawler hat delivers the basics, and does it well.

Plus sides? Graphics are pretty, though only to an extent. The dungeons are pretty, but that isn't a hefty feat as its the same x amount of background repeating endlessly. Monsters are so so, and some look better than others... the rest is rather simplistic gameplay (travel from point A to B), with no bells and whistles... my only complaint, but that is also the appeal of the game. A straight forward simple dungeon crawler, easy to pick up and play with no muss and no fuss.

If you strive on hoarding treasures and items, taking on side quests left and right, shopping until you drop for the latest gear and leveling up like crazy dealing out skill points here and there... this isn't for you. It's a simple as check dungeon crawler, ideal for a bus ride or long trip, dealing out compact dungeon crawling with no muss or fuss. A decent simple 4 out of 5. Great for quick bursts of easy to pick up gaming, a slice of casual with your dungeons.

Next time I got a more intense homebrewed Indy dungeon crawler for you. Part Hero Quest classic board game, part old school RPG, all interesting and recommendable. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Coming Soon : Old School and Homebrewed

I never thought I would run into a homebrewed... well as homebrewed a Indy developer gets without me knowing much about them though I do plan to do my homework on them... RPG, but here you go. Also reviewing an old school first person dungeon crawler that US passable... but just barely. I am presently digging into these for reviews right now, so I will have wipr updates on both coming soon.

WIPR : Game Insights' Mystery Manor

Usually hidden objects games don't count as RPG or Strategy, even if said game takes place in an RPG style setting, and I have seen a few in such settings. No, but when the game in question depends greatly on level grinding for exp, and slaying slash banishing creatures in order to progress? Those are RPG elements.

Presently reviewing Mystery Manor from Game Insights, a pretty interesting addictive game... plagued with flaws, shortcomings, and glitches that causes failure to launch and failure to close issues... full review coming soon, stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer 2013 Day 19 : Missing you RPGamer Podcast

Oh well, at least it is only on a month hiatus since two of its hosts married each other some days ago, taking a month off. Pity it had to be this month with E3 going on right now, and the whole fracas with Microsoft and the XBox One... still waiting for Angry Joe's take on the latest from E3, and whether or not he holds his ire with Microsoft, or begins to succumb to the eye candy of game releases future shown at E3 so far. I didn't think much of the few minimal Microsoft exclusives by the way, but I am waiting to see what Angry Joe thought of Microsoft's E3 conference.

If I have a problem with RPGamer, it's that they spent alot of last episode before the June hiatus being apologists for Microsoft... but that was before Microsoft doubled down pre E3, so I am wondering if their opinions changed between last episode and the first new episode post E3. They should be back in Late June barring any special episode between now and Late June so stay tuned.

BTW, the only other cast I listen to gaming wise is Idle Thumbs, 4urinfo.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tower Defense Review : Playbean/SN's Fantasy Defense

Touted as highly popular in several Asian countries, Fantasy Defense is a Crystal Defender style clone game with little charm, originality or uniqueness past it's few selling points. It's a decent game with fairly robust upgradable abilities, decent gameplay... and female characters aplenty with large breasts and enemy females with breast bouncing animation cycles... yes, I just said that.

What sets Fantasy Defense apart from other tower defense games is It's unabashed use of sex appeal to sell itself to you... and mind you for such an obvious attraction practically nobody uses it. This is a rarity, in fact, despite the fact it clearly appeals. People may complain about games like Dragon's Crown, and the Sorceress character with giant breasts... but that won't stop people from playing said game. Attracting gamers with sexual enticement isn't a new concept, but it's also rarely touched on because if the horribly prudish people who complain about it. Boo hoo hoo. Go away whiney people. All this game needs is a topless code... but then if that happened this would be in my adult gaming blog, and by default automatically be more adult than the most adult game I could review to date... kinda sad really if a game like this could beat out every clearly adult game on the Android app store... by actually showing nude female breasts, what NONE of the adult games do.

Past the titillation factor? It is a decent tower defense game, but needs improving. There are no pauses between waves so you have to pause the action yourself in order to add and upgrade units. The second unit of each type (fighter, archer and mage) don't evolve to a new type unlike the base unit which evolves twice, which I see as a missed opportunity. You only get one hero type at first, and I am not sure whether you can use more than one Hero type after you unlock another... and the types are limited to fighters, archers and mages. Clearly adding new types later as dlc content would have been nice, along with new dlc levels.

But the game is what it is. An OK but so so tower defense game, fair but ultimately limited gameplay with a bit of a harsh learning curve as to how to beat certain levels, especially boss levels. And, well, it's biggest selling point is titillation. Static still images of female characters with large breasts occasionally partially exposed, and enemy females with breast bouncing animation cycles as they move across the field (most notable in large sub boss characters). Ok but it will never beat a Crystal Defender, or a few good tower defense games I played but long forgot the names of. A low 3 out of 5... 2 1/2?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

WIPR : GameLoft's Dungeon Hunter 4

After a bunch of less than ideal games I loaded up on from GameLoft I had no real faith in this one, in fact I knew of it for quite sometime, but only just got around to looking at... surprisingly it is rather fun. I still hate the whole virtual analog stick control thing, more and more games I am reviewing use it, but the game as a whole is satisfying enough to forgive my general dislike of the virtual analog stick.

Reminds me a bit of Dungeon Siege (top down button masher) and has a bit of character customization with weapons and armor with upgradable slots for ability gems you can scavenge from bad gear, combine and attach to New gear. The customization is awesome, btw, definite plus.

The world is quite full in single player (hopefully offline friendly), co-op gaming and player versus player zones offering up a nice selection of game options... and did I mention the possibility of a Mass Effect style lesbian relationship going on, since apparently my female character once bedded the queen... yeah, pretty sure the game thought I would pick a male character but don't rain on my parade.

So, more updates as I grind both this and Bard's Tale for full reviews coming soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 3, 2013

WIPR - InXile's The Bard`s Tale

Probably the biggest review on the Kindle Fire HD I am presently working on, it is also probably the most disappointing as well. Layered with a rather pretty coat of HD, The Bard's Tale is a pretty good port of the PS2 era The Bard's Tale game... the problem I'd that it is a port of the PS2 era The Bard's Tale game... wait a minute, wasn't there supposed to be extra in this tablet release? I have to shake this down a bit for that.

But the longest part of this I'd playing through the game for the review, which I s hindered by the control setup which features a rather fussy virtual analog stick that frustrates me so, in a game that should have utilized a touch screen control schematic akin to certain 3DS (and no doubt PSVita) games.

Don't get me wrong, I gave the PS2 era The Bard's Tale a good score, and this is a good game but... I have issues with this game. And ad I dig into it more I will post my notes on the coming review for you to check out... stay tuned.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Upcoming Reviews

Let's see what is coming up shortly content wise... darn internet keeps going out making it a hassle to add content the past few days.

Game Boy (Color)
Off Topic Review - Monster Rancher Explorer
More of a puzzler in the vein of Solomon`s Key than an RPG, this is a nice change of pace from past games reviewed both on Game Boy Color and the PS2, so why not.

Game Boy Advance
(I need to get a few new GBA games to review)

Nintendo DS
Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies
I kinda like this one... but I have been grinding this for hours and I have some gripes with this. It's nothing like Dragon Quest VII (my first DS review of a Dragon Quest game) and that is kinda a good and bad thing to me. Review upcoming.

Nintendo 3DS
I will check out the Etrian Oddssey demo first off.

Well reviews coming soon, stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Minor Android Tablet Review : Glu`s Tavern Quest

Presently the only Cafe World like game I am recommending, as well as the only Glu game at present, Tavern Quest takes the usual running a Cafe game and innovates it by adding a limited RPG aspect to the game that is reflected in a few ways. Not a full out RPG, yes, but one if those games that offer a light slice of RPG and a bit of casual for a curiously enjoyable experience.

You play the role of a Dragon (who strangely looks like a older version of Spike) who doesn't want to do Dragon stuff, but instead want to run your own tavern. However monsters are bullying you, so you hire heroes to work for you, taking out the monsters bounty hunter style (you have a list of monsters increasing in difficulty from green to blue to red that you send three heroes to take out, a fighter and a ranged attacker and a healer).

Recruiting heroes is simple. First you buy the flag needed to attract them to your tavern, which you fI nd in the game store. Once you attract them you have to recruit them, but instead of paying them in gold you pay them in food. As heroes come in each has a voice bubble with a specific ingredient they want.Clicking in the hero states exactly how many servings you need to give him/her in order to recruit them. All you have to do is have the right food, with the right ingredient, with x servings in order to recruit them. You can add ingredients to recipes (which you earn over time collecting from said flags randomly as they play a part I n generating income for your tavern) as well as speed up completing recipes with Glu credits... which, by the way,is the easiest Premium currency I ever earned in a game. Unlike other games where the game is very stingy with Premium currency this one is rather generous with it in comparison. Sure you still have to grind like crazy to unlock 3 class flags but you feel as if it is an accomplishable task, a rarity with Premium currency.

My biggest problem with the game us while it is rather fun, mixing elements of diner SIM and RPG, it suffers from being rather finite. You can level up your heroes, but they quickly max out at 10. You can level up your tavern so it can hold more heroes but eventually that had limits. You can level up your recipes... as much good that is as you don't seem to have any differences between a one star and five star recipe from what I can see of it... but eventually you max them all out and you don't seem capable of earning New recipes aft e r a certain point. So the game is great, but eventually runs out if steam. I hope I am wrong, and that something surprising happens when I max out a row if recipes but... I am not holding my breath in that.  What this game needs is expandable dlc content to keep it going... not going to happen, but that would be nice.

All in all even with its finite lifespan it is still pretty fun. Nicely done graphics wise, a nice though small taste of SIM meet RPG, for a quick play on the bus or between stuff it's pretty recommendable. Limited but enjoyable. A 3 out of 5.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons coming to 3DS

When I heard that Oracles of Ages and Seasons (originally from the Game Boy Color) was coming to the 3DS 3DS eshop I felt it was about time. After all we had Link`s Awakening on the eshop, and a new rerelease of Ocarina of Time on 3DS so why not Oracle. What with a sequel to Link to the Past on its way, as well as the eventual 3dification of Majora`s Mask why not Oracle. Sadly if there is a downside there is no plans to attempt to remake the lost third game of what should have been an Oracle trilogy, and no doubt entirely frivolous and useless things from the original remain intact, much like how the Game Boy Printer content in Link`s Awakening Game Boy Color remains intact despite the fact it is unmistakably useless content on the 3DS version. In this case no doubt it's the Pokemon like trading system that exhausted between the two games, and needs to be entirely revisioned taking into account the 3DS streetpass capacity in order to be even remotely functional.

It's out this month (May) and if you are a Zelda fan you should definitely check it out.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Waiting to Recharge 5/12

Unlike other blogs with game themes this is rather... focused. So I have a mix of sources to draw from every week review-wise. So let's see... this coming week...

Game Boy (Color) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets GBC
The rare RPG in the Harry Potter gaming library
Game Boy (Color) - Final Fantasy Legend 3
Doubling up this week.
DS - Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies
3DS - Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 Demo

Most of these are also appearing on Nintendopoly, except FFL 3, which is unique to here.

Tavern Quest
A RPG in the most minimal of content, yet still recommended all the same. One part Cafe World tycoon SIM and one part minor RPG, Tavern Quest is a decently engaging free to play worth checking out... I will tell you why soon.

That is the review schedule, and knock on wood I am sticking to it. Stay tuned.

OK. Time to get to work.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting back on track

Sorry for the long delay, but working on getting back on track worldwide.

First step is getting my hands on a used laptop for working on podcasts. Something that is presently a work in progress.

Part of my summer schedule is getting podcasts back on track. That means posting related episodes of 3DS Addict, Antisocial Gamer, Pocket Gamer and Wii Life in relations to RPG and Strategy gaming.

First thing first, getting back on track to posting daily content. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Handheld Review : Pokemon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color)

Handheld Review
Pokemon Trading Card Game
Game Boy Color

Recently a PC version of this concept saw the light of day... then promptly fell off the radar of gamers and nobody I know of ever talked of it again. I dont know if it is still active or not, but if by some circumstance it has shut down I wont be surprised. The game seemed unoriginal to me, even for an online PC so called free to play game that, like many games of this type, lives and dies on micro transactions of real cash. In this case micro transactions of real money bought you starter decks and booster packs... yeah, I cant imagine this game still being alive.

Continuing the lack of originality theme we have Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color, also playable on the GBA SP.

You might think a game like Pokemon Trading Card Game might be original, especially if you played the trading card version of Monster Rancher, also for the Game Boy Color, but then you would be wrong. Right to the most basic story premise the game is a shallow clone of Pokemon Red and Blue. You are this fan of the Pokemon TCG, and thanks to your friend the Professor you are set on the road to earn the Legendary Pokemon cards by beating this game's version of the Elite Four (after earning eight gym badges).

But, you might think, isnt that a good thing? Considering how much gameplay you can squeeze out of even first gen Red and Blue this should be a long and involved game... right? Actually no. The explorable domain is very very small. Dr Mason's lab, the eight Pokemon gyms, a Challenge dome, the home of a high level Pokemon TCG trader and the Pokemon Dome (home of the four grandmasters). And if your wondering? All the gyms and the challenge dome are the same basic design. An entrance room, a waiting room (where you can link with other GBAs for linked battles or where you can find NPC to trade with) and the main gym room. You wont always find all the gym members in this room. In the case of the Fighting Club the members are hanging out in other gyms.

Otherwise that is about it. It is maybe 20 or so hours of gameplay. Not the longest Pokemon you played, and not the shortest but... it is a fair decent slice of gaming. Something for your traveling kit if you have a Pokemon obsession, and you can find probably find it if you look about places like GameTZ or Amazon. A decent middle of the road 3 out of 5. Try it, if you can overlook the game's shortcomings, and enjoy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pocket Reviews : Castlevania Circle of the Moon GBA

Pocket Reviews
Castlevania Circle of the Moon for the Game Boy Advance
Published by Konami
Side scrolling action RPG

Ever since I played Symphony of the Night on the PSP I have been seeing more and more of these so called "Metroidvania" games, a Castlevania game with a gigantic explorable area ala Metroid. Add an element of RPG into the game (equipable armor, weapon and level grinding) and you have a usually good mix... and while this game has these elements it is also missing something. Mainly the story.

Now mind you the story element of Symphony of the Night, or Portrait of Ruin on the DS, they are not Final Fantasy level storytelling but its there at least. There is practically no story here. After the intro,  where you and two others who I barely remember confront a newly resurrected Dracula only to end up seperated, you plow through a few hours of gameplay before you finally locate a piece of story. A small piece. By now several story moments would have occurred already in Symphony or Portrait, by comparison.

The game runs like Symphony lite. Same Metroidvania massive game environment as Symphony but seemingly none of the bells and whistles. There are sections you cant explore until you uncover the means to pass, done through eight "magic spells" enhancing your character. There is also this thing called DSS Cards. 10 Action and 10 Attributes... I have no idea if theyre doing anything, maybe because I only found 1 card each but still...

As GBA games go it is a rather nice pick up. A pretty nice change of pace, and while it is a tad light on story and content it is overall a nice slice of side scrolling Castlevania to dig your fangs into.

Definitely a recommend for your emergency travel kit, as well as the casual retro Game Boy or DS Lite gamer. 4 stakes through the gaming heart out of 5. Find it, try it, enjoy it.

Need to get back on track review wise... next time lets wander back to the classic Game Boy and try out some old school Harvest Moon. That is our next review. That is next time... bouncing back and forth between the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS and 3DS... and maybe the PSVita as it is on my shopping list for yearly tech upgrades this year... but that is coming up so stay tuned next time.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pocket Gamer Episode 5 now available

I really need to get back on track with game content!

This episode we look at the first walkthrough of Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Future episodes we'll do walkthroughs of games like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions) and review all the walkthroughs and do additional reviews like Castlevania : Circle of the Moon GBA and more.

Next up? Another Pocket Gamer and a new Antisocial Gamer. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Antisocial Gamer is now available

Facebook, a domain filled with games considered "social" games... so why am I, an antisocial kind of reviewer, reviewing social games?... I don't know, listen in all the same and find out! This cast I talk about Coasterville, Treasure Legend and ramble on about topics near and far from what I am actually reviewing. Hear me rant!

Presently working on Pocket Gamer Episode 5, and hope to have it out soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Micro Review : LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures (Nintendo DS)

Micro Review
Handheld Edition
LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures
Nintendo DS

I am an avid LEGO gaming fan, ever since Traveler's Tale first rolled out LEGO Star Wars back in the time of Episode III Revenge of the Sith I have been a dedicated player of the LEGO franchise... but even so not every Nintendo DS itieration of LEGO games has earned praise from me.

I have enjoyed LEGO Star Wars II The Original Trilogy but Complete Saga with all six episodes... not so much. OK, so what did I think of the DS version of the first LEGO Indiana Jones? Lets see here...

Of course it is an adapt of the first LEGO Indiana Jones game, that goes without saying... what does need to be said is that if you loved the other versions you should play this one... why? Isnt it the same game? Well... no, not exactly.

Yes it shares things in common with, say, the PSP or Wii version but this is a DS adapt. Of the DS/DS Lite and first gen PSP 1K1 to 3K1 the DS lacked the pure power of the PSP. But what the DS version usually lacks in graphical power it more than makes up for in innovation, though not all DS adapts are gems. Movie adapts usually being the worst of the lot, though I am quite pleased to say the DS adapts are always better fare. Yes I have been down on some outings like the Complete Saga of LEGO Star Wars, or LEGO Indiana Jones II, but even a less than perfect LEGO game is better than most adapts like Spider-Man or Pirates of the Caribbean on DS.

My biggest problems with this, and really any LEGO game, is that they are rather short (maybe 10-20 or so hours of concentrated effort in order to achieve 100%) and lacks a randomizer to keep Free Play fresh and replayable. I love me my LEGO games, for its humor and addictive gameplay, but it is also not a perfect franchise. It is fun, but you have to learn how to embrace LEGO games shortcomings with its good points. In this case all the gameplay you are used to, and a ton of DS unique touch screen games. And while the overall presentation is pretty good, and the mini games are themed to the Indy movies and pretty fun... its still abit short and lacks replay value. Still all in all I am going to give it a high 3 out of 5.

Next on my list? The original LEGO Batman and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean DS! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Waiting to Recharge

Waiting to Recharge

Not much happened last week game content wise but while waiting for the stuff to recharge... lets note the giant gorillas in the room.

Crytek CEO wants to eliminate single player offline gaming in favor of online multiplayer games only.

Fine. I admit it. I have no idea what Crytek is, or why it is so big that people care what he wants to do with his company. But I guess they are cranking out games people want lest nobody would care what this guy wants.

So... what does he want? Who can say. Maybe...

- He heard you like them online multiplayer shooters and wants to make it online all the time...

- So they can stream online ads to you nonstop... make the games loaded with micro transactions.

- Start cranking out Facebook social media addiction gaming... because if your not up to date and know Zynga is allegedly floundering financially you'd think Farmville clones were still fortune makers.

- Maybe he wants to exclusively provide content for the XBox 720. I hear they want to make it so you have to play all your games online on the next gen 720.

But whatever the case the CEO of Crytek said he wants to do away with offline single player... of course saying it and doing it are two entirely different beasts but we will see.

But that is not the only news. Speaking of micro transactions...

EA Games wants to make all future games set up for micro transactions?

Because really who wants to buy a full game anymore. Dont you want to buy, say, half a game? After all if they chop all their games up for sellable DLC and micro transactions then surely you will get a nice tidy discounted price on the game... except what if that is not the case? What if you end up paying full price for a game that plans to drill you for the full price of a game AND for DLC AND for micro transactions... by the way just how will that work on some game genres anyway?

Speak of micro transactions and no doubt your first thoughts should be of Facebook social media games. When it comes to those kind of games you send money to buy a form of Premium in game currency, be it cash is many Zynga games, or gems used in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic mobile game. That is how we see micro transactions, but how does that translate in games like the LEGO series, Madden and other sports related EA Sports titles, or RPG strategy games in the vein of a Fire Emblem or Advance Wars? Thats in a few days as I continue this tact and discuss the possible ways micro transactions will affect how you play EA Games in the near future if they actually decide to go through with this nonsense, so stay tuned!

Next week - Hopefully back to casual updating... maybe.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pocket Gamer Updated!

Episode 3 and 4 of Pocket Gamer is now up and available, so please check both of them out. In the meantime I'm off to work on new episodes (talking about Civilization : Revolution on the DS, LEGO Indiana Jones the Original Adventures (DS) and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP next time out!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Micro Review (handheld edition) featuring Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Micro Review Handheld Edition
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

When it comes to world building strategy gaming on the DS the experience for me to date has been decidedly hit or miss.

Maybe it is a fairly decent though ultimately shallow experience like Age of Empires Age of Kings. Maybe its an engaging though ultimately one trick pony like city building sim Sim City Creator, or its an oh my god this game is impossible even after reading the gamefaq walkthrough 1606 aka Age of Discovery! Either way the simple matter of fact is that I don't have the best track record with city or world building sims on the DS. Does this game change that? Well... yes, but I emphasis that with astericks and warnings that this can fulfill your world building needs... if shown a proper respect of its limitations and shortcomings.

The main driving force of the game is its line up of scenarios to play through. Unlike other games of this caliber like Age of Empires, Revolution does not have a story mode. Instead you have a sandbox open play mode, a mode to play preset scenarios... and there used to be a map of the week mode... years ago when this was new, forget about this. The meat and potatoes is freeplay and scenario play.

The first, and biggest fault I have with this game is a lacking online multiplayer mode. At best if there is multiplayer it might be ad hoc local, and good luck finding a second DS owner with a copy of this game. Then again I for one was never a big fan of the pre-3DS era DS wifi so go figure. Having a game like this with lacking wifi hence is no real surprise for me, disappointing yes but not surprising by a long shot.

The game itself is a pretty fun world builder overall. Build armies, build up cities one settler built or invaded or converted city at a time, and work your way to the future, doing research, fighting barbarians as well as rival nations... overall lots to do so that's good. However even with all that? Ultimately the game feels very repetative, and the AI seems unbalanced (too easy on the first difficulty, hard as heck on 2nd, and jumping leaps and bounds from there). Also, another fault of the AI, is a lack of unpredictability. Yes it is a straightforward strategy world builder, but even I enjoy a good twist in a game now and then. Having an AI that can think past simple aggression slash passive responses would have been great.

Long story short if you embrace it's limitations you'll find a pretty addictive fun game here... wish it had online multiplayer, yeah, and I hope they fix that if they port Civilization to the 3DS but... try it. Pretty fun for a DS world building strategy game. A 4 out of 5. Enjoy!

Waiting to Recharge

Start of a brand new week (though I am abit late, sorry) so once again its time to check what is incoming and coming up while waiting to recharge... wait a sec... OK plugged in my DS Lite and GBA SP so now we are truly waiting to recharge.

Ins and Outs
Since I couldn't finish either if my very exsistence depended on it, I threw Aliens vs Predator (Game Boy) and Aliens Thanatos Encounter (Game Boy Color) up for trade over at gametz. Hopefully whoever gets these fare better than me playing these.

Otherwise nothing up either way. Walkthrough wise I am going to be playing through abit of Final Fantasy Legend III in coming episodes.

Nothing really happening here trade wise. Going through the walkthrough of Shaman King right now on the podcast.

The trade for LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures should be wrapping up this week, so the walkthrough begins shortly, as we continue with Pokemon Heartgold at the same time.

Just did a Demo Time! with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate here, and talk about it in an episode of Pocket Gamer that is going up shortly. Stay tuned.

In the meantime going over more Demo content soon, so stay tuned.

Since the Wii is hardly a handheld I am presently working on a cast specifically for the Wii. It is just getting started development wise so stay tuned for updates.

Since the topic of Monster Hunter has come up again, what with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and all, I will be digging into the PSP and walking you through Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, one hour at a time.

Slowly but surely I am working to get the reviewing aspect of things up and running. Starting off with Micro Reviews and working upwards from there.

I have a few reviews in mind and working to get them down and out ASAP.

Help Wanted?
Think I posted this past weekend about trying my hand at submitting for a reviewing job over at RPGamer. Not sure if I got the chops to make the cut, but we will see. Update shortly no doubt, stay tuned.

Game cast recommendations?
Good question! I can recommend quite a few comic casts, and a few of my favorite animation and pony related casts... but I am abit low on gaming casts. In fact the only one I am presently listening to is the RPG cast from RPGamer... so I am looking for recommendations on this front. If you are listening to any good gaming casts please post in the comments and tell us all about it.

Well that was a pretty busy update! Well now, time for me to get back at it! See you next time!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Content I am working on for this blog

Here is some of the regular articles I am working on tfor this blog in particular...

Short Review
Specifically a handheld and Wii version of short reviews.

It's Demo Time!
Game demo first looks, mostly from the 3DS but a few occasionally from the Wii as well.

Bits and Bytes
My thoughts on the latest things in gaming both good and bad

Waiting to Recharge
What I am trading for to bring to you review wise in the coming days.

Working now on fresh content for you so stay tuned!... also, knock on wood, I dropped a brief inquiry looking for work over at (home of the RPGamer podcast that I presently listen to)... well, worst thing they can do is say no thanks and I'm off looking for work again in this regard. Still, fingers crossed and all that. Stay tuned.

It's Demo Time with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS)

Demo Time!
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Intro
Nintendo 3DS
Publisher - Capcom

I never thought we would get to this point. Honestly. This was a long time in coming.

After being promised in a past Tokyo Game Show that we would get Monster Hunter 3DS then Monster Hunter 4, only to see the first get a Japan only release we FINALLY get a 3DS Monster Hunter release!

Its only a year or so late but better late than never.

So we have this brand spanking new demo on the 3DS, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Something about that name clicked and rattled in my brain for a bit, so I went and refreshed my memory as to the history of Monster Hunters. Sure enough I found out that this is the long promised Tri G release we should have had last year! What the heck! Why did it take THIS LONG to get released! Boggles the mind, I tell you.

OK. So lets just jump right in and try this demo out shall we...

The first thing we are going to cover is not so much what the demo has as to what it doesnt have. Mainly this means no village. The village represents the largest single portion of the game, where you manage and upgrade all your character's gear, weapons and armor. You also do your side stuff like farming, fishing, mining and more... maybe the best reason to not show you the village though is to hide the fact that only the Wii U version of this game sports online multiplayer. Yes, online on this game literally is dead before arrival.

So with that said what does the demo hold? Two random levels. The basic level is another snowy mountain level though I have to credit the game for not recycling the mountain level from Freedom Unite (which probably recycled it from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in turn). It is in the same spirit, but just different enough to feel fresh and new. The second harder level has you fighting a waterborne dragon in a sea level... and yes this is your first exposure to the swimming mechanic first shown in Tri from the Wii. Each level is a 20 minute taste of the game, gtiving you a general idea of how they play out and for the most part the game plays out like past versions. Buttons are even pretty much the same as, say, Freedom Unite and the spirit of the game is basically the same. Forage and kill for resources, some you sell and some you hold onto for improving your gear. Cooking is easy once you get the hang of pulling the meat 2 seconds after the music stops and the meat quickly shifts color. All in all getting a hang on the game shouldn't be so hard, especially since quite a few things can be done just with the A button alone so... what is the downside?

The downside of the demo is that it gives you a taste, but a rather useless taste as you can't start building your character right off the bat with it. So while it will tempt you it wont sell you. Furthermore alot of the issues that drive most RPG gamers away from Minster Hunter are still present and in your face (but I will cover that in a future review from the franchise). The game will appeal to long term addicts of the franchise, but it won't be winning any new converts even in this iteration. Not having online multiplayer will hurt sales even more in my opinion as hardcore gamers will migrate to the Wii U version for it's online capacity, completely ignoring the less than fully developed 3DS version behind.

Hopefully by the time this sees release they actually do get around to creating a n online service for multiplayer, which can be added on via a game patch at launch. Otherwise this will just be picked up by 3DS only owners, and maybe even not that much either in comparison to other games with multiplayer that you could be playing on your 3DS.

So I am kinda looking forward to this... I am just not all that excited over it, even after trying the shallow limited demo. Stay tuned for a full review down the line.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting back on track with gaming

So let's see about getting back on track with gaming shall we? What do we have...

We have a new podcast for gaming, Pocket Gamer, which if I remember right is a revival of a past series with new added content (episodic walkthroughs of games). We start off with Episodes 1 (a new guide to the travelling gaming kit in case of emergency evacuations) and Episode 2 (Part 1 of Poke'mon Heartgold Walkthrough on the DS). with more to come.

Working on posting quick shot reviews here too as I work on new stuff. So stay tuned to that.

Coverage will be of...
Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS


Hope to add on new stuff in the future but we'll see.

So that's it. Time to get back to work.