Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tower Defense Review : Playbean/SN's Fantasy Defense

Touted as highly popular in several Asian countries, Fantasy Defense is a Crystal Defender style clone game with little charm, originality or uniqueness past it's few selling points. It's a decent game with fairly robust upgradable abilities, decent gameplay... and female characters aplenty with large breasts and enemy females with breast bouncing animation cycles... yes, I just said that.

What sets Fantasy Defense apart from other tower defense games is It's unabashed use of sex appeal to sell itself to you... and mind you for such an obvious attraction practically nobody uses it. This is a rarity, in fact, despite the fact it clearly appeals. People may complain about games like Dragon's Crown, and the Sorceress character with giant breasts... but that won't stop people from playing said game. Attracting gamers with sexual enticement isn't a new concept, but it's also rarely touched on because if the horribly prudish people who complain about it. Boo hoo hoo. Go away whiney people. All this game needs is a topless code... but then if that happened this would be in my adult gaming blog, and by default automatically be more adult than the most adult game I could review to date... kinda sad really if a game like this could beat out every clearly adult game on the Android app store... by actually showing nude female breasts, what NONE of the adult games do.

Past the titillation factor? It is a decent tower defense game, but needs improving. There are no pauses between waves so you have to pause the action yourself in order to add and upgrade units. The second unit of each type (fighter, archer and mage) don't evolve to a new type unlike the base unit which evolves twice, which I see as a missed opportunity. You only get one hero type at first, and I am not sure whether you can use more than one Hero type after you unlock another... and the types are limited to fighters, archers and mages. Clearly adding new types later as dlc content would have been nice, along with new dlc levels.

But the game is what it is. An OK but so so tower defense game, fair but ultimately limited gameplay with a bit of a harsh learning curve as to how to beat certain levels, especially boss levels. And, well, it's biggest selling point is titillation. Static still images of female characters with large breasts occasionally partially exposed, and enemy females with breast bouncing animation cycles as they move across the field (most notable in large sub boss characters). Ok but it will never beat a Crystal Defender, or a few good tower defense games I played but long forgot the names of. A low 3 out of 5... 2 1/2?

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